Profile & Works

We are classical guitar duo.
consisting of Yurina Hamano (vocals and guitar) and
Hirosato Ito (guitar).
After previously working together in Japan and abroad, Yurina and Hirosato decided to join forces
permanently and founded the current duo under the singer’s name in July 2023.
Yurina Hamano has a powerful and emotional singing voice whose timbre is reminiscent of the
sound of singers from Japanese folk songs, but which at the same time has the soul-crossing
qualities of a Portuguese Fado singer.
Hirosato Ito is a Japanese jazz guitarist who studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston,
America. His expressive guitar playing forms the connecting link between the nostalgic, delicate
and yet powerful sound that brings together all the ingredients of this duo’s music in a genre
reminiscent of: fado, enka, gypsy, jazz, bossa nova, chansons and classical (sometimes almost
Baroque-like) music. In short: World music with a capital “W”.



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